Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Key to Success in WWW

Well, actually there are lots of keys for success. But we will only be focusing on the main key. It’s like opening a big cabinet with lots of drawers and locks in it. Let’s talk about the key that will open the cabinet.

We said earlier that a website is a ghost unless there’s no traffic unless there are people who visit your website, your website is useless. And the best thing that can get traffic to your site is CONTENT, putting valuable information in your site that other people want to have. Everyone that visits the net look for information.

CONTENT is the most important thing that your website should have. Content gives you traffic for your site. We mentioned earlier that people look for information on the net. If you have a valuable content in your website and the search engines recognized the value of that information, then you’ll have that traffic. There are lots of factors that affects traffic by the way, it’s just the main factor is your content. Well be talking about other factors later. Let’s concentrate on CONTENT.

In creating your content, try to consider the following:

1. Focus on your theme. You need to have a focused theme for your website. If your website is about fishing, then talk about fishing. If your website is all about golfing, then talk all about golf. This website is all about website making, that’s why I talk about creating your own website.
In starting your own website, I suggest that you start writing about something that you really love to do. Something that you can consider yourself to be an expert of. It can be your hobby, profession, work, or anything that you have a sufficient knowledge that you can share. It’s always better to write on something that you really love and it will be much easier for you to do it. You don’t need to be a professional writer. You just need the basic knowledge as of the 8th grade student.

2. Be friendly both to your site visitors, and to the search engines. Here you will learn the importance of being focused on your theme. I strongly suggest that you create a website not only a win-win situation but a win-win-win situation. Meaning, your visitor will be a winner when he visits your website, the search engines will also be a winner, and you should also be a winner.

If your website or blog can provide the information that your visitor needs, your visitor will be satisfied and he will most probably come back to your website because he is learning from it. Your main goal in creating a website should be helping other people rather than doing business. Having this as your main goal will guide you to have a better reputation over the net.

About the search engines, there are people who used to do dirty tricks with the search engines. But don’t be like them. If you are friendly with search engines, they will also love you. Just a warning, don’t ever try to make dirty tricks with the SE’s. It will do you more harm than good, avoid getting banned.
Because you have a great content, there’s no reason not to be a web winner. Your content will give your site traffic. The more traffic you have a better reputation, a better sales you can get. More people will recommend your website, and more people will love it.

3. Avoid selling but PRESELL. There are tons of internet marketers that fell on this mistake, not including the spammers. In my research with the net, believe me, there are a big TURN-OFF with internet marketers that sales pitch. Don’t be a sales pitch, but become a preseller. What is preselling by the way? To have its simplest definition, preselling is making your visitor wants to click more, rather than pushing your visitor to click more.

4. Stick With the Best People. When I teach people on how to analyze what they are reading, I teach them to ask the right questions. Right questions will lead you to right answers. Well, for newbies I suggest that you go with the right people; right people will always lead you on the right track.

Talking about the web site making is about having the right tools and the right people who will assist you in your success for website making in reasonable price. I know that you already spent a lot of time digging on the net of who ever can provide you with that success. Good news, you’ve come to the right site. Stick with this site and gain high informative materials and tools that will lead you to success.


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