Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is SEO Really Dead?

SEO manipulation has lost its place in SEO after Google Panda and Penguin was implemented. It just doesn't work anymore. So if you are still implementing link manipulation, that will fail in the long run. What Google wants is called "natural links". It is where people will link to you normally, share your post, and interact to it.

 The infographic below is very clear in telling us what Google loves. This infographic is a courtesy of Online Influence.

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SEO is Dead!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HUGE Sales On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's Thanksgiving Day!!! And after that, it's all about sale. Just right now, almost every online store is setting up their huge discounts for their beloved customers.

Tomorrow will be a Black Friday sale! It’s the time of the year where most internet marketers and online companies give huge discounts on the products they are selling. The hint of this sale is the time because most of them only offer HUGE SALES in just a day.

Then after just a couple of days, there's Cyber Monday. Another huge online sale for these online companies. If I were you, I am going to grab these sales because it's just the best time to purchase online during the year.

So hurry up! Check out these “online business package” that I prepared for you. These are the things to buy in starting your business!

Hosting Account with Hostgator  - If you have a domain but do not have hosting account yet, then this is the time for you to purchase one. They are on sale, but only for a few days.

Domain with Namecheap - We are thankful for each and every one of you. So use coupon code GIVINGTHX for standard com/org/net/biz registration discounts and com/net/org/net/biz/info transfer discounts. Limit 30 uses per customer.

And if you'd like to host with us, use coupon code CYBERHOST for a 20% discount on the first billing cycle of shared hosting and TURnKEYVPS (Turkey, get it?) for a 10% discount on the first billing cycle of VPS hosting.

Genesis Themes of Studiopress – Getting all the themes is quite expensive. So why not grab this opportunity to get them all in one HUGE DISCOUNT!!!

Premise Plugin – A plugin that build professional landing pages. If you will be selling something online, this plugin is definitely one of the best out there. Aside from that, it has evolved to manage simple membership sites. So don’t miss getting this one.

I hope you will enjoy the huge discounts!!!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

What to Prepare Before Starting An Online Business

We have been talking about business a lot. Do you think that protein shakes can be a good source of online business? In the age of information technology, almost all kinds of businesses can be sold online. From web services to online influence and reputation management, from Vegan Recipes to Protein Shakes, I mean almost literally everything is sold in the big vast online world. You can check out my last post about the best online web services. If you are planning an online business, the best things that you need to think about and prepare are:

1. Target Market – Who are the people you will be dealing with? These are also the people to whom you will be selling your products. They will be your customers. This is why it is important to make a picture first of your target customer because you will be able to customize everything, especially the presentation of your product, based on your target customer.

2. Product to Sell – Is your product your own product? Or is it an affiliate product? One of my friends who have been selling good protein shakes does not manufacture her own protein shakes. Instead, she looks for people who sell protein shakes online and apply for the affiliate program. On the other hand, if you can also sell your own products. Whether it is a digital product or a real tangible product, it doesn’t matter. It can give you better profit margins, but it will also make your life busier. 

 3. Affiliation – There is no argument that affiliate marketing is still one of the most effective ways to make money online. Don’t just settle with your own products. If you can sell other products for more profits, the better. Do not hesitate to apply to be an affiliate of a certain product. Just make sure that the product you are selling is something that will help give you more profits and more credibility. Know that there are crappy products and there are really good products.
 4. Your Website – This is where you are going to sell your products and affiliate products. This is where you are going to introduce yourself to the public and expose your expertise and credibility why you are selling the products you chose. It has to be presentable; it has to make an impression to your website visitors.
 5. Systematic Plan For SEO – Whether black hat or white hat (I always prefer white hat) SEO, always put in mind that even in online world, strategy would make your business go further than you can imagine. If you have a strategy, you can convert more which also means, more profit. You might want to hire Virtual Assistant or pay for an SEO service it’s all up to you. But make your systematic plan on how are you going to manage your SEO. Of course, my team can help you with that.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Highly Recommended Web Services Around the Planet

There are many web service providers on the planet, but most of these gigantic service providers are quite expensive. Well there are pros and cons specially when it comes to pricing. The more expensive ones usually have the better services because they have more staffs. However, it also doesn't mean that they have more staff, they are doing the best. So I guess the best choice is always to go for those that are tested. Those web service providers that has the experience in handling various tasks for web services.

As a web service provider myself through my flagship site:, I had the experience of working with a couple of professional web service providers: - This Frisco web services can definitely help you start to have an online presence. They make outstanding websites, and other complicated websites such as those that are Dot Net Nuke based sites. They are located in Frisco, Texas. - If you talk about web services located in North West Sydney, Online Influence is definitely the best pick. It has the best staff with great client relationship.

But what does a good web service provider should have?

First, they need to have a good client relationship. You can see that through testimonials. And if it's not much, you can email these people who gave testimonials and ask them if the web services provider does provide an excellent service?

Secondly, they need to have a good set of staff. If the service provider does not have their own staff, it will be very difficult for them to continue for a longer period of time.

Third, I think it will be wise enough to ask for a portfolio from these web services. If you can confirm these websites by visiting their domain names, the better.  :)

If you are also dreaming to be an online web service provider, I think the best way to start is to get first a coach. Someone who can teach you. But what if you can get a coach, and a community of these service providers? Would it be better to have both for the same price?

FastWebFormula is a community of internet marketers and web service providers. You can get the excellent tips and plain simple step by step tutorials on how to start a business online.

Ok, I think I have said enough. Why not visit the site?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Webmasters Need To Build A Site

New webmasters get a lot of headache in getting a good grip of what they need for a web site. Primarily, the reason is , these people ask the wrong question. The building blocks of any very good website is not all about giving an answer to the issue “What will i desire for a web site?” instead, it ought to be “What should i need for an internet site.” This single question on it's own brings you to definitely numerous things that will not primarily improve your website, but will additionally make your online business.

The subsequent solutions was our structure in making online websites that can in turn be considered a excellent help to you if you are intending to possess your own.

You'll need a very good domain. Domain operates as your business name. It is the name brand of your respective online workplace. Similarly in the in the real world world, it needs to be something which will get one’s particular attention, an element that can be easily remembered. If you can, use a keyword which is most likely to be checked while using browser's search engine. Which is why keyword research is regarded as the basic factor you will must do if you would like your web site to be found. Try to remember, without having someone finding your internet site is completely unproductive and also your website will be regarded as useless.

You need a trustworthy host. If your domain name is your business office name all over the net, your host is like your office place which will operate 24/7. Your web host is very very important in the sense that it can affect your search engine standing and also the dependability and security and safety of your online business. Remember that you will really have to be extremely careful when choosing your host. There are actually lots and even thousands of website hosts that might be worldwide. Understand however that only a number of them happens to be reputable.

You will need the best theme. At this point why don't we head outtowards the looks of your web based office. As we say; “First impression lasts.” Identical to your office in the real world, it must get the best feeling it could. Keep in mind that, website look and feel will surely be pretty addictive for your prospects. Visual appeal alone could provide them a feeling that your online company is dependable.

If you're really planning to have a good web based business, I solidly advise that you'll not resolve with the free styles. You can get handful of great free Wordpress themes, however you must search these and learn about them before you could be totally satisfied about what they are able to provide.

You may need a very good SEO strategy. Visitors is the life blood vessels of your web site. Without it, your internet site is useless and is also just simply waste of money. Not to mention that when you get men and women arriving at your internet site, you will also must make some conversion rates in which your targeted visitor turns into a customer. An outstanding Search engine optimization process won't just give you visitors, but will also supply you with a wanting to buy customers. Simply be aware though that a superior Search engine optimization structure could also be a little bit costly. The fact is, this occasionally can turn to become the costliest part of your internet site. But simply keep in mind, good SEO methods can also triple as well as provide a hundred times more income. Therefore i advise that you don’t get cheap with this one.

Visit Frisco Websites
to learn more about how you can have a good start in having a website.


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