Sunday, July 22, 2012

What to Prepare Before Starting An Online Business

We have been talking about business a lot. Do you think that protein shakes can be a good source of online business? In the age of information technology, almost all kinds of businesses can be sold online. From web services to online influence and reputation management, from Vegan Recipes to Protein Shakes, I mean almost literally everything is sold in the big vast online world. You can check out my last post about the best online web services. If you are planning an online business, the best things that you need to think about and prepare are:

1. Target Market – Who are the people you will be dealing with? These are also the people to whom you will be selling your products. They will be your customers. This is why it is important to make a picture first of your target customer because you will be able to customize everything, especially the presentation of your product, based on your target customer.

2. Product to Sell – Is your product your own product? Or is it an affiliate product? One of my friends who have been selling good protein shakes does not manufacture her own protein shakes. Instead, she looks for people who sell protein shakes online and apply for the affiliate program. On the other hand, if you can also sell your own products. Whether it is a digital product or a real tangible product, it doesn’t matter. It can give you better profit margins, but it will also make your life busier. 

 3. Affiliation – There is no argument that affiliate marketing is still one of the most effective ways to make money online. Don’t just settle with your own products. If you can sell other products for more profits, the better. Do not hesitate to apply to be an affiliate of a certain product. Just make sure that the product you are selling is something that will help give you more profits and more credibility. Know that there are crappy products and there are really good products.
 4. Your Website – This is where you are going to sell your products and affiliate products. This is where you are going to introduce yourself to the public and expose your expertise and credibility why you are selling the products you chose. It has to be presentable; it has to make an impression to your website visitors.
 5. Systematic Plan For SEO – Whether black hat or white hat (I always prefer white hat) SEO, always put in mind that even in online world, strategy would make your business go further than you can imagine. If you have a strategy, you can convert more which also means, more profit. You might want to hire Virtual Assistant or pay for an SEO service it’s all up to you. But make your systematic plan on how are you going to manage your SEO. Of course, my team can help you with that.


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