Monday, October 8, 2007

Preselling: The Visitor-Customer Converter

Knowing Your Customer Will Help You Presell

It is a must for you as a blogger to know who will be your audience because you can use that information to enhance your blog to suit them. As a result, you will gain more loyal returning visitors that come back again and again for more.

Try to ask this in yourself: "What is the age level and in what intellectual level does your audience have?" A layman might linger around a general blog on gardening, but a professional botanist might turn his nose at the very same blog. Similarly, a regular person will leave a site filled with astronomy abstracts but a well educated university graduate will find that blog interesting.

Consider your audience's emotional state into consideration when building your blog. If a very irritated visitor searches for a solution and comes across your blog, you will want to make sure you offer the solution right up front and sell or promote your product to him second.

In this way, the visitor will put his trust in you for offering the solution to his problems and is more likely to buy your product when you offer it to him after that.

In designing the layout for your blog, you have to take into account the characteristics and moods of your audience. Are they old or young people? Are they looking for trends or are they just looking for information served without any icing on the cake?

The most important thing is to build a trusting relationship between you and your audience, which will be very useful when you decide to market a product.

Buying customer is always the end point of the process of internet marketing. This means that you must lead your customer to buy your products.

However, this task is never easy. There is no secret formula. All we can do is to learn a better copywriting that can turn your visitor into a buying customer.

Preselling to Warm Up Your Customer

Let us discuss first the difference of preselling and selling. There is a big difference between these two things. The big difference between them is that selling is “trying to get the sale” of your product while preselling is warming up your visitor with your high content valuable information about your product.

Preselling is about satisfying your customers with all the information they are looking and then leading them to your most wanted response. Ken Evoy made a good discussion on this in his Site Build It.

This is why a high content theme based blogs is needed in preselling. The information that you give is valuable to your potential customers because it is where they will decide whether they have to buy your product. When you presell effectively, it will be easier for you to sell effectively.

Preselling establishes your credibility to your customers. It is more on getting into the mind of your visitors and think of how they are to react in your presentation of your product.

Preselling precedes selling. People love to know valuable information about your products. They will tell themselves that they need your product if you presell effectively. When they feel that you have satisfied them in giving the information they need, they will believe in you and that is a “plus” point for your credibility.

With preselling, you will be creating an “open to buy frame of mind” of your visitor as Ken Evoy said. And this thinking will lead them to more clicks into your website. The more clicks you get, the higher your possible income which of course also depends on how well you monetized your website.

Preselling will not be that hard to anyone if you really know your product or anything that you are selling, if you know and understand the difference of preselling and selling, if you are passionate with your product, and if you are willing and highly motivated to succeed. These things will be your key to effective preselling.



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