Sunday, December 26, 2010

When Does Blogging Addict Good?

As they say, “Everything that is excessive is bad.” Yes it is true. And this is indeed very true in blogs. Becoming a blog addict is cost you a good amount of money, without any return. And we don't want that. We don't want anything that will get you into debt with blogging.

We aim blogging to be a good source of income. We blog not just because it is a hobby, but because we want a real good amount of return. We want something that will help us to have a better life and not something that will drag us to debt.

So becoming addicted to blogging is only good when the following things are met:

1.You enjoy sharing good quality information. What profit can it give to you when people see your blog as something full of spam and crappy content? You do not help other people find what they need, instead you annoy them with your low quality, uninformative content. But if you enjoy sharing those quality information that you have, then it is good.

2.You earn a good amount of income. I think this is just something that should come natural to someone who loves what he is doing. Though earning only comes secondary in blogging, earning is probably the most addictive part in blogging. It is always better to earn in what you are doing than simply enjoying it.

Unless these couple of things are met, blogging can be an expensive hobby.

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