Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Make Money With Your Blog and Google AdSense-Tips on Effective Adsense Monetization

Adsense is one of the best way to make money with your Blogger blog.

However, I have to make it clear that not all adsense ad can effectively generate income. There are some techniques that you need to do in order to maximize your adsense income.

Here are some effective ways in making Adsense monetization effective:

1. Place the Ads in the right positions. Not all parts of your blog can be a good place for your Adsense. Statistically, most clicks comes from adsense placed on the top right of the post, top left of the post, and within the post.

Remember that you can only place 3 Adsense in one single page. So you will want to place the ads in the best places. Visit these blogs and observe where the Adsense are placed:

Notice that two of the blogs above have placed the Adsense within the post? If you are using Blogger.com, you can go ahead and visit my post about placing the ads within the post. These blogs have good adsense click rates.

2. Increase Your Traffic. This is not a traffic post, but if you really want to increase your Adsense income, I strongly suggest that you implement good traffic strategies.

The more traffic, the more possible clicks on Adsense. With a better traffic, you can also have a better conversion rates with other monetization models you implemented in your blog.

3. Implement Good Content Write Ups. This is in contrast to what other bloggers say that in order to have a good number of clicks, you must not give all the information that your visitors need because they are looking for information. And if they found all the information they need, they will no longer click the ads.

In contrast to that, good content compels your visitors to stay longer on your blog, click more pages, and even subscribe to your blog.

Repeat visitors are very important for future possible clicks. So again, don't be fooled with hypes and bad advices from those who want to fool the Search Engines. Give your best in writing. Build a good credibility.

4. Blend the Ads With Your Blog Template. Just a simple rule of thumb, "MAKE ADSENSE A PART OF YOUR BLOG". Try to make Adsense a part of your blog linking to your other articles. Your visitors must see it as important links and not as advertisement.

You can effectively do this if you blend the ads on your template.

Note: Not all blogs are good with Adsense. Notice that many probloggers don't use Adsense simply because it is not the best monetization model for internet marketing.

But try to visit high quality content-based blogs and websites, they are those who have lots of Adsense.

This means that you also have to weigh whether or not, you really need to implement Adsense.

Though Adsense is not a good source of full time income, it is definitely a good source of "passive income".

Blogger Buzz: Make Money With Your Blog and Google AdSense


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