Saturday, September 22, 2007

Getting More Traffic From Submitting Content

There are several ways to gain more traffic. Today, I will be teaching you about submitting articles. I strongly suggest that you need to be familiar with these free features on the net. This can be a high way for your traffic.

Let us say that you have a long article about a particular topic. Divide into sub topics in order to create more articles. Add some more words. Make it about 500-600 words per sub articles. It is not much to add for this highly profitable strategy for a beginner like you. Then visit some of best article directories on the net. I suggest that you begin with Ezine Articles where you found this article.

Article directories like “Ezine Articles” gather content from thousands of people around the world. They will not pay you anything but they will leave your article intact including your resource box where your email address, blog site url, and web site url is written.

And this is where you get your traffic. When there is someone who will republish your article in their blog or in their websites, they have to include your resource box. Once they do this, it also gives your articles more exposures to the net. And more exposures means high probability of getting clicks, and more clicks means more traffic, and more traffic means higher conversion rate for income.

Not only that, you will also gain the benefit of one way traffic links. One way incoming links are very important for any blog or website. It is included in your page rankings. 

Again, income is what you get if your visitors turned out to be customers. To make more customers, you will have to present your product in a way that is compelling and trust building. Making great content and truths about your products and exposing it to the whole world will do that for you. This is where article submission enters. Article submission will make you more credible and reliable.

In addition to exposure, you will also gain friends in submitting articles. If people will love your articles, some will write you back or ask you something about it. And correspondence can build friendship. The more friends you have, the higher your credibility will be. And because you have credibility, the more your chances to be recommended to others. 

For first timers, Ezine Articles only allow 10 submissions for a time. But don’t worry, if they will like your writing skills, they will give you more than you can ever imagine. For now, try to explore the net. Here are some more Article directories where you can submit your articles:

Submitting content to article directories are very profitable. It gives a lot of advantage. You just have to be patient. 


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