Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How People Use the Web

People use the web mainly for the search of information. Of course there are some who use it for gaming and recreation but still, most of them still looks for information that are related with the games they are playing. And this is the best way to start your web site, building a highly informative, high content-theme based website. A high content-based web site is always the winner in the SE ranking wars. Whoever provides the most of the information searched through the net, obviously gets, the most of the traffic. The more traffic, the more conversion rates your website can derive.

Websites doesn’t need to be too fancy with graphics. Yes, it can add to its beauty, but learn that people don’t look for fine graphics when they come to your website unless your website is all about graphics. They look for information. If your website gives the information they need especially in your home page, then they will surely explore your website. Believe me. I became a student myself and that’s how I use the net and the two giant search engines, Google and Yahoo.

Try to think of this, let’s say you have a website that talks about golfing in your home page. But some of your pages talks about fishing and basketball? Isn’t it out of topic? Yes it is… And because of that, there is a tendency that people will not find you in the net even if they will be using the search engine. The thing is, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of other websites that talks about golfing. And why do you think that the search engine gives you a high ranking for your site where only half of it talks about golf?

Search engines works with algorithms. There are lots of factors how they rank websites. But this I can assure you, one of their main categories in ranking is the content of the website. They’ll look at your website if it contains a lot of information about a certain topic. Let’s take an example. I am looking for information about making a website. I’ll then go to Google or Yahoo and then type in their search box, “making a website”, or “how to make a web site”.

The search engine then will try to rank the most related information to my search. Ordinary people like me will only look for the top 20 - or maybe can extend to 30 if information is badly needed – and will despise all the other websites with low ranking and consider them as irrelevant to the search and then enter another keyword for another search.


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