Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 Importance of Having A Brand

To effectively build a good business, you must have definitely have a good brand. Just like all successful companies, they are maintain brands. So therefore whether you are engage in an online or offline business, building a good brand is A MUST.

Just think about coke for instance. What do you remember about coke? I guess you'll say, a fine sexy bottle, red and white color, a good lettering of ”Coca-Cola”. You definitely remember what it looks like right? It's because they already have embedded their brand inside you, that whenever you talk about softdrinks, you immediately remember coke.

coca-cola brand having red and white colors

All companies just like that of Coke, desires to build a good brand. Now, we will be talking a lot about the factors that affects brand making later. But first, let us see first what brand can do to your business.
  • It gives your business identity. – What is your business about? When you talk about Coke, you talk about softdrinks. When you talk about Toyota, you talk about cars. When you talk about CNN, you talk about Cable News. Brand gives identity to your business.
  • It is easier for your clients to remember you. - Now that you already have identity, there is no reason why your clients should not remember you. Granted that you have a logo and your brand has already been established, people can easily identify your logo. Just like Linux, whenever I see an animated penguin, I remember Linux. How about Twitter? Whenever I see a blue bird, I remember twitter. It is because their logo also possess their brand.
  • It is easier to implement viral effect with brands. - Since people know about your product, and granted they trusted it and they are satisfied with it, these people are simply the ones who will talk about it when ever opportunities apply.
  • It gives you a quality name. - In the corporate world, quality of service support and quality of products is the name of the game. Just try to look at the web, there are now probably hundreds or maybe thousands of webhosting companies out there. And people simply asks, which one is the best? Webmasters and bloggers usually choose the host that has a name of delivering good service support and reliable hosting service. It is just very similar to all other kinds of products.
  • It adds trust of your clients. - Granted that your brand is already known, new clients simply trusts you to deliver high-quality products. They trust you to be reliable. More trust, mean more clients, and more clients, mean more money.

I'm sure there are still lots of things that brand can do to you, this is just a short list. So if you are going to start a business whether it is an online or offline business, I suggest you start building a brand now.


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