Saturday, September 11, 2010

Copyblogger Is No Longer With Thesis

Brian Clark Left Thesis
Undoubtedly, self-hosted Wordpress is one of the best platforms there is on the net. And Thesis theme is one of the best themes out there. But just imagine if one of its known founders and highly respected in the world of blogging parted its ways with the other equally genius guy? Intriguing isn't it?

If you have been a fan of Thesis, you would have heard of Brian Clark, the author of and one of the co-founders of On the other hand, Chris Phearson is the lead brain of the theme software Thesis of

The SHOCKING NEWS? Brian Clark left Thesis.

What exactly happened? Why did Brian left Thesis? In the interview, he said that Chris and him doesn't have the same out look for the future of the company. And so he is leaving it.

He was asked by Aaron about the GPL issue which has been a long issue concerning the development of softwares that can't stand alone with the parent software. And in this case, Wordpress is the parent software and Thesis is the child software which definitely cannot stand alone without Wordpress.

I'm not a lawyer, but the GPL license say that those software being developed that can't stand alone without the parent software which is GPL licensed, should also be a GPL licensed software. However, this is not the case of Thesis and other themes developed.

Thesis is being marketed out there where it should have a GPL license because Chris insist that it is copyrighted.

According to Brian, it is not all about what the law says and in fact there are really some loopholes with the issue of GPL. However, he does respect the main purposes of GPL and it's not just the GPL issue why he left the company. It's about the future plans, and seems like he doesn't see any bright future with Thesis for his purpose.

On Chris, he was rumored to be a cyber bully. I myself read his comments in one of Thesis fans who is trying to work on a Thesis “look-a-like” themes. And he threaten the poor blogger that he will be suing him if he will not remove the download link. This is exactly why I also decided not to buy Thesis anymore. Because of the attitude of the owner.

Thesis is a great theme for Wordpress, no doubt. But the attitude of the owner does matters. Planning to buy Thesis? Think again...

Brian Clark even quitted.

To read the whole interview, kindly visit:


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