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6 Immortal Hot Niches

Hot topics on the net is not so difficult to find. In fact, by just visiting the home page of Yahoo, you will readily see there the hottest searches in Yahoo in a particular day. Hot topics can be a good source of a good choice of hot niche.

However, as a blogger, you are bound to find hot topics for your blog. Getting hot topics, with matching SEO of the post can definitely give you a good amount of traffic coming from that post. Just try to imagine that you have about 50 hot topic posts that ranks well over the search engine, that alone can boost your blog's popularity.

I don't mean that you jump from one topic to another. What I mean is, as you choose the main theme of your blog, enlist the topics that you are going to discuss within your niche. And such topics should always be related to your niche. In this way you will be building a good niche with a high quality content.

Here are some of the hot niches:

Some of you might say that entertainment is not a hot niche. Well, you are wrong. Entertainment remains to be one of the hottest niches over the net. Just try to observe Yahoo, there is no day that Yahoo won't be posting something about entertainment news.

Try to look at Yahoo buzz, most of the buzzess is all about entertainment. Bloggers has to accept that most people love to talk about famous people, especially about actors and actresses. They also love to talk about movies and the latest technologies that were used in movies.

Money Making 
The internet now is flooded with all kinds of money making tips. Simply because people wants to have a good life. And there are literally millions of people looking for ways to increase their income.

The downside of this niche is that, it is already a clustered niche. The only solution for you to succeed if you choose this niche is to out do your competition. You need to be more industrious than the rest. Remember, there are more bloggers who fail than those who succeed. Most of those who fail are those who cannot stand the test of attitude of a good blogger.

Money making tips may be online business or off line business. Whatever it is, tips about making money still remains on the top of the list.

Politics remain to be one of the most hottest niches because every citizen is concern with his own country. If you prefer to have this niche, I suggest that you focus more on the local. Tackle about your own country's politics. In this way, you will be building a good amount of readers from within your country.

Though my blog is a spiritual blog, sometimes I used to post political topics especially when it touches the moral issues. And believe me, my spiritual blog is getting a good number of hits coming from those posts. So if yo are going to stick with a pure political blog, then you can probably earn a good traffic too.

Current Events
Current events blog are more like a news blog. No wonder why news websites are always flooded with traffic because people are always looking for the up-to-date happenings in their society.

But if you are a blogger, the main downside of this niche is that, you will be forced to stick on the latest happenings and news. Every post has the potential of getting a huge amount of traffic. But please note that as time goes by, the post's traffic decreases as it becomes more and more irrelevant to current news.

There are literally thousands of spiritual blogs that you can see over the net. And spiritual things remain to be one of the hottest topics across the world wide web. Spirituality may refer to your own beliefs whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, Hindu, Atheist or whatever your belief is, it is still a spiritual topic.

At first, I really thought that I can't get a good amount of traffic in my spiritual blog. I made that blog because it is my line of expertise being a christian minister. Now, my blog is gaining a momentum each day as I continue to post various spiritual insights.

Over the net, I also have seen spiritual blogs that are highly trafficked. Some are owned by humanists and atheists. Some owned by Muslims and some by other religious cults. If you are an expert or a minister of a particular religious sect, this niche can certainly be a good niche for blogging.

Where ever you go, this topic is always a hot topic especially that our world now is promoting liberality on sexual issues. No wonder why there are lots of pornographic materials over the web.

The main downside of this niche is that nowadays, the government are trying to regulate these websites. They are being monitored from time to time to ensure that no rights is being violated especially when the topic is all about video scandals.

Another downside of this niche is that, more and more hosting companies prohibits their client to put up sex topic websites. and also prohibits any form of nudity pictures on their blog list and posts. So if you want this niche, think again. You will get more cons than pros in the long run with this niche.

But what can you do? I suggest that you turn the world upside down. Don't attempt to post pornographic materials, instead help build a better nation and a better society where people benefit from your posts. I know a blog that talks about sex and love life. But his blog is not only informative, but also very helpful even to teenagers and developing a good characters and good attitude towards sex and relationship. And believe me, it still has a good amount of traffic.

In the end, you need to choose one niche. This list is only a short list to give you some idea on what are the hottest niches. So, choose well. Choose your expertise.


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