Monday, July 26, 2010

The 5 Pieces of Money Magnet

I frequently read ebooks, reports, and blogs about internet marketing. And there are five pieces to create a good money magnet that all internet marketers and bloggers agrees on. Of course, my short list is a huge topic to discuss, but I assume that in one way or another, you are very familiar on what the following money magnet is about.

Ready? Here they are:

1.    Valuable Content – “Content is the King” of blogging and website making. This is undisputable truth of any online marketing. Content attracts traffic, builds credibility and increase the possibility of your monetization.

Valuable content is friendly to both the search engines and the real people. They just simply dive into your content and read what you have posted and place a comment as long as it is relevant. This is the foundational element in making money magnet online.

2.    Promotions – How do you promote your blog or website? Professional internet marketers do some product launches; some involves advertisements on the net, TV, and radio stations; some uses the power of affiliate marketing to have other people promoting their product.

There are really lots of ways to promote it. The most important thing is that, you are doing something to promote your product. Don’t be contented by having a good content. Though it is the basic, supplementary efforts like ads will help boost your business.

3.    Autoresponders – You can find really good autoresponders out there. But the most commonly used were Aweber and Getresponse. These two autoresponders have established credibility in their service.

Why in the world do I need an autoresponder?

Autoresponders is used in building list. In gathering emails of people who might be interested in your product. They usually come in double opt-in forms to ensure that those people who subscribes really want to subscribe and to which they will never say that they have been spammed.

An Autoresponder is great tool if you are really into email marketing. It just can do so much because it allows you to send thousands of emails in just one single click which is not allowed in gmail and yahoo.

Professional internet marketers never miss this very important tool. So if you consider to use email marketing as one of your strategies, then, Autoresponder is a must to have. Why not test drive the Aweber FOR FREE to see its benefits?

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4.    Monetization – I already discussed several monetization models before. I also assume that you understand the value of these monetization models. This element is what builds your income.

Without monetization, your blog becomes an outright expense. Having no monetization model in your blog might be applicable to non-profit organization, but for you who wants to build a decent income online really have to apply a good combination of monetization model.

As for my experience, though I believe I was already successful in applying Adsense in my blog, now I am in the process of applying affiliate marketing. And I will be giving you updates about it when I become successful in it later.

But then again concerning our topic, try to discover the best applicable monetization model.

5.    Squeez Page – Whenever you heard about “sales funnel” or something like “making the sale”, squeeze pages becomes very important. It is actually the sales page of your product. That is where you post the value of your product and telling your prospect customer that they really have to buy your product because they need it.

It is where you will put the “Buy Button” and make the sale of your product.

Most of the time squeeze pages are not only used to make the sale, they are also used to increase subscribers of your blog.

Internet marketers usually give free reports with matching offer for their product. Potential customer will be given some choices to do. They can freely download the report after they subscribe. Or they need to subscribe and become a member for free to get the free downloads.

There are still more to it in developing this money magnet. There are challenges of assembling together these elements to become a highly powered money magnet. There are

PS. Tomorrow will be the launch of Subscriber's Magnet!!! Watch out for it!!!
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