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The Mind of an Internet Marketer

Being around the net for a couple of years now has opened my eyes in a deeper view of what a blog could do to a business.

As I scanned hundred of blogs (maybe close to a thousand blogs now) for the past two years, I have probably seen all kinds of different blogs.

There are blogs that were used as a literal “Dear Diary” journal, others use their blog to speak about their cause, others to give news, while others use it to boost their business, while still others made blogging as a business.

If you are a blogger who is reading this post, probably you are now thinking what kind of blogger you are now. Well, though there are still lots of people who do not believe that blogging can be a good source of income, there are now many successful bloggers who did well in their niche. 

And we can actually name some of them. We have Brian Clark of Copyblogger, we have Chris Pearson of Thesis theme, we have Alex Sysoef of Howtospoter, we have Jason Katzenback  of John Cow and many others. 

But how does a successful blogger make money through blogging? How do they differ from ordinary bloggers?

Blogging itself will make you some money by just simply putting an Adsense. But becoming an internet marketer is what will make you more money.  This is the missing link between bloggers and probloggers.

Probloggers are not just bloggers but also internet marketers. They are not afraid of selling things online. They use their blog to sell different kinds of products, but of course most of them sell digital products which include softwares and ebooks.

Note: The picture above is from Internet Business Manifesto

To give a little summary of what it is inside the internet marketer’s mind, I listed some below.

1.    Internet marketers think of their blog as business and not as diary. Most bloggers think of their blog as mere diary instead of a business. Unless this mindset is changed into the internet marketer’s mind, there can’t be a good source of income to your blog.

2.    Internet marketers value their investment for one purpose; to have profit.
Do you value your investment on your internet connection? How about on your hosting and domain bills? If you really want to profit, then value your investment to your blog.

3.    Internet marketers are not ashamed to offer their products.
There is nothing to be ashamed in selling something online. But do it in a way ethical and acceptable. If you notice, professional internet marketers don’t do sales pitches. Most people who do the sales pitch were the newbies.  Don’t sell, but presell.

4.    Internet marketers are persistent. Just like any other kind of business, internet marketing has its ups and downs. There will be time that earning is just difficult. This is also very true to the newbies. Persistence is the key in discovering success. Without persistence, you will end up quitting from what you have started.  

5.    Internet marketers are creative.
  Sometimes, internet marketing is called to be the “art of making money online.” Though I do not agree much in calling it as an art, I do agree that internet marketers has to be creative in different areas of their online business. And if you are a blogger who is aspiring to be an internet marketer, then you need to be creative. Example, you need to be creative in making your blog that it will look like problog. Another example is that you also have to be creative with your words making you a pro copywriter.

6.    Internet marketers understand the need of their niche. What are you selling to your subscribers? Internet marketers know what their subscriber needs. They know what exactly they need that coincides to what they write and promote. Understanding the value of this makes the conversion rate higher.

Being a blogger accompanied by internet marketing mind will help you improve your earnings in your blogging.


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