Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Else Wants a Blog That Earns?

Most people who want to have a blog probably desire to have a blog that earns income.  Though laborious, blogging for profit is pretty much doable. It is not too complicated to work on but it is doing repetitive profitable actions.

In my two years of blogging experience, there are only about 5 proven ways to really build up a blog that earns for a longer period of time.

1.    Building a high content- theme -based blogs – Though I already have said this before, I will say it again, the true success of successful blogs is in its content. People come not to be pitched, but they come to your blog because they want to read the information that you possess.

Where ever you go, all successful bloggers will always say, high content-theme-based blogs and websites are the key to successful online business. It’s not a joke, it’s a fact.

So if you are lazy enough to build up a good content, well, blogging may not be for you. Not even website making.

2.    Building a well applied monetization models in your blog What is the use of your blog having so much traffic but without a monetization model that converts?  You need to be converting those visitors into customers. You need to be seeing them not just a friend, but a client.

Adsense is definitely not the ultimate monetization model. Adsense alone will definitely not bring the desired income that you want. It is the combination of various monetization models that really converts. Try to apply affiliate marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc. Doing this will multiply your income.

3.    Building highly search engine optimized (SEO) blog –
This is just the gateway of your million dollar worth of traffic. Granted that you have a high content-theme-based blog, if accompanied by optimization, this will definitely skyrocket your traffic.  All you have to do next is to convert them into customers.

SEOing is not that hard to do. But it needs a little labor. That labor will pay you off later. Just be patient.

4.    Building a highly profitable niche blog –
Well, I would say that all niches can definitely become profitable. But profitable niche blog is totally different from highly profitable niche blog. If a profitable niche blog earns a hundred dollars a month, a highly profitable niche blog earns thousands.

Let’s get a good example. I use to observe my two main blogs. This one and my TheDisciplers.com.  My TheDisciplers.com is more like a religious blog. And I managed to get a good amount of traffic for that blog already compared to this one.

However, looking at my Adsense account, for just 1 click of my visitor in Adsense found in this blog, I earn more than the 5 clicks that I get from The Disicplers. To clarify, let me give you some figure, is I earn $1 for one click in this blog, I earn $1 dollar for five clicks in The Disciplers.

But why does this happen? It’s very simple; there are more Advertiser bidders on blogs like this than that of the religious blogs. Advertisers in blogs like this were mostly internet marketers themselves, and they bid higher rates compare to those who are in the religious blogs.

So choose your niche wisely and try to add some more monetization models.

5.    Having a persistent, hardworking bloggers – Are you surprised that it is not all about other things but our inner being as bloggers? If you are not persistent and hard working blogger, success is just a little far from you. But of course, unless you are born with success as your twin brother, lazy bloggers are just far from success.

Simply visit the blogs of successful bloggers. Many of them just make about 2-3 post a day as an average (at least when they have just started).  And even if they already have a good amount of subscribers already, you will see them to be sending at least an email in each day or 3 emails a week.

Blogging  needs hard work. It needs both the mind and the body to establish a good name, a brand. If you don’t like that, then blogging is not for you.

But why in the world other blogger say they work only 2 hours a day?

It is true, but they are those who already have established a brand over the net. They are those who already have thousands of subscribers. But if you are just a starter, you will have to be working more than 2 hours a day.

If you decided for 2 hours a day, that’s fine, but make it consistent without wasting every second for nothing.

Ready to have a blog that really earns? Then I suggest you take note of these things and try to implement it in your blog.


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