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How to Improve the Earnability of a Blog

Last time I posted some tips on things to focus to make your blog earn. Today, I will give you five main reasons why blog fails to earn.

Perhaps some of you over looked these things. But that’s ok. All of us are probably offenders in one or two of these things. Blogging needs a lot of disciplines to perfect the method and multiply it hundreds of times.

Now let’s go to these barriers of success.

1.    Don't give sales pitch rather focus on the information – Sales pitch will really get you into nowhere.  Though it works sometimes especially if you have hundreds of subscribers and you already have established credibility, but still, sales pitch is not the best way to get the sale.

Give information. Give value to your offer. This is really what makes the sale. Your visitor will click the buy button when your visitor is convinced that they need to buy your product because it is the one that they are looking for.

Give them the value of your product by delivering them the benefits.

2.    Don't be too lazy to write – Funny, but I think this is the most difficult to develop especially if you are not a born-writer. It’s difficult to write when it takes a lot of inspiration just to write a single post. But don’t worry. As I said, it just needs discipline. And when discipline is involved, it means it can be developed.

Try to discipline yourself writing at least one thousand words a day. If you can do this, writing 600 words will just be like eating a piece of cake.

While you are in the process of learning to write more, it is highly advisable that you write every day.  Later, you will reap a good harvest of your hard work. Not only that you will develop the writing skills that you need, you will also be building a good foundation of your blog.

3.    Don't focus more on the looks, focus on the content – Don’t get me wrong. Getting a good look for your blog is very important. But if you are tweaking your blog all the time, then, you are probably wasting more time when you should be building a good high content theme-based blog.

Every time you change your blog theme, you are literally wasting hours and hours of your precious time.

Try to setup the look of your blog just before you start blogging or at least while you are making your first 5 posts.

Making a time frame will also motivate you to finish tweaking your blog the soonest possible time. The more time you have to write for your blog, the more content that you make, and the more opportunity to gain traffic.

4.    Apply the best monetization model for your blog – As I said in my previous post, Adsense is not the best monetization model for all blogs. It can do well with some, but not for all.

There are lots of different factors that affect the monetization of your blog. It can be the niche, sometimes your theme, your blog traffic, etc. Just try applying several monetization models. This is the only way to discover the best set of monetization models for your blog.

5.    Change banners to content links –
One of the mistakes of many bloggers nowadays is using too much banners with their blog. I have just read a new report concerning banners. Sorry banner users, but the latest study shows that banners are not just effective now. It maybe before, about a decade ago, but “history repeats itself.”

Making a high-content-theme based blog is just what we call the basic of blogging. And that foundational element of blogging will never-ever fade away. It is the ultimate way to bring quality traffic. Don’t get hyped. Build your blog with content first. Then all other things will just follow.

On the other hand, I am not disqualifying banner use. In fact, I still use it at times. It still has its place on blogohology. But if you are thinking that you will learn a lot on banners, then I think you should think twice. Unless it came from high paying advertising, using banners for your blog for free is not that effective now. 

Planning to build a blog that earns? Get rid of these barriers and you’ll have it.

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